Every possession, every pay cheque, every home, symbolises how deserving you are as a person.

From Afar on a Hill dives into the murky waters of entitlement, collective responsibility and immigration. In this playfully immersive performance, the audience is gently guided to the position of adjudicator… If they make the grade.

From Afar on a Hill is the premiere season of a new work by prominent performance-maker choreographer Bianca Martin (WA) and collaborators, initiated as part of Copenhagen’s Dansehallerne SPOT ON platform in 2013 and developed at PICA in 2014 under the consultation of sociologist and academic Farida Fozdar and Steve Bull of pvi collective.

Presented by Company Upstairs and PICA
Director / Choreographer: Bianca Martin
Performers / Collaborators: Bernadette Lewis, Rhiannon Newton, Sarah Chaffey, Chris Cobilis
Sound Designer: Chris Cobilis
Creative / Research: Steve Bull, Farida Fozdar, Josephine Wilson, Chris Donnelly
Producer: Jenifer Leys